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When Will My Child Begin to Lose Their Baby Teeth?

As with many milestones in all aspects of child development, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to when a child will lose their primary teeth, more commonly called “baby teeth.” Many parents feel concerned when their child begins to lose their first baby tooth as young as age 4; however, most children lose their first tooth around age 6. But others won’t get their first visit from the tooth fairy until age 7. Generally, there is no indication of any oral health problem if your child loses his or her baby teeth on the earlier or later side. It is worth noting, though, that the baby teeth tend to fall out in a certain order, and if they are not falling out in the typical pattern, it could indicate a problem.

pediatric dentist can help determine whether your child is on the right track with baby tooth loss. If it seems to be too early for a child to lose their first tooth, the first question your child’s pediatric dentist will ask you is whether your child has experienced any trauma affecting their mouth, such as a fall. Other reasons your child might lose their baby teeth early is if they have experienced tooth decay.

The order in which baby teeth fall out generally goes like this:

  • The two front bottom teeth

  • The two top front teeth (central incisors)

  • The next two on either side of the bottom jaw

  • The two top teeth adjacent to the central incisors (the lateral incisors)

  • The rest of the teeth, from cuspids to the molars, usually don’t fall out until age 12

How to Get Loose Baby Teeth Out

Generally, the teeth fall out while eating a meal or absentmindedly wiggling the loose tooth with their tongue. If you do want to pull a very loose tooth, wash your hands first, then use a clean piece of gauze to grab it. You should expect to see a little bit of blood. We do encourage kids and parents to help wiggle out those loose teeth, so there’s room for the permanent teeth to grow in. Not up to the task of removing your child’s baby teeth? Generally, a pediatric dentist or even your child’s school nurse would be willing to pull out the loose tooth or teeth.

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