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Silver Diamine Fluoride: A New Weapon Against Cavities

As a painless alternative to standard cavity drilling procedures, silver diamine fluoride or SDF treatment has become more and more popular in recent years – especially for the parents of young kids. Easy to apply and cost-effective, silver diamine fluoride is a great new weapon against tooth decay.

At Adventure Dental, our Santa Clarita pediatric dentists can help you decide if silver diamine fluoride treatment is right for your child. Because we make the extra effort to ensure your little one is comfortable in the dentist’s chair, you can rest assured we’ll never recommend a treatment unless it’s truly in your child’s best interests!

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride is a liquid solution that can be applied to individual teeth as a preventive measure against cavities, or even applied on cavities directly to kill dangerous bacteria. Either way, few modern treatments are as effective at stopping the spread of tooth decay.

Similar to a fluoride varnish, silver diamine fluoride does need to be re-applied every so often, and monitored by a qualified dentist in the weeks following treatment. However, SDF treatment actually needs far fewer re-applications than a fluoride varnish, averaging at only once per year.

When Is SDF Treatment Right for Me?

Because silver diamine fluoride requires no drilling or anesthetic, your pediatric dentist may recommend SDF for your child if they’re very young, or if they have a disability.

Although it doesn’t have any serious side-effects, silver diamine fluoride does have the tendency to stain the affected tooth black, so it’s usually only applied on temporary baby teeth or in the far reaches of the mouth. It’s also not advised if your child has a silver allergy, or any oral ulcerations.

As cavity protection and elimination for young kids who can’t sit still, however, silver diamine fluoride can be an incredibly useful way to ensure that your child’s smile continues to shine! If you’re concerned about your child’s cavities, make sure to ask our Santa Clarita pediatric dentists about SDF during your next appointment.

Ready to speak with our friendly Santa Clarita dentistry team about silver diamine fluoride treatment? Just call (661) 251-0200 to schedule your child’s next appointment at Adventure Dental!

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