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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children begin orthodontic treatment as early as age 7. At this time, kids generally still have both baby and adult teeth, which makes it easier for a skilled orthodontist to identify potential tooth and jaw problems early and begin treatment sooner. But what exactly does orthodontic treatment include?

There are two kinds of orthodontic treatment, referred to as Phase I and Phase II. At Adventure Dental and Orthodontics, we offer both Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatment services in Santa Clarita and Palmdale. We promise to come up with a treatment plan that best suits the needs of your child.

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Phase I Orthodontic Treatment

Phase I Orthodontic treatment, also known as early or interceptive orthodontic treatment, is all about prevention and improvement. Through the use of the latest technology and scientifically-tested methods, we may be able to strengthen your children’s jaw growth in phase I, which will help their teeth come into the ideal position. Phase I is usually the starting point of orthodontic care for young children and is designed so that orthodontists may deter or fix teeth/jaw problems in kids ages 7 and up.

Benefits of Phase I Orthodontic Treatment May Include:

  • Making room for growing teeth
  • Saving space for growing teeth
  • Encouraging facial symmetry by guiding jaw growth
  • Enhancing width of dental arches
  • Rectifying negative oral habits
  • Strengthening position of first molars
  • Strengthening speech development
  • Strengthening lip ability
  • Decreasing chances of trauma in emerging front teeth
  • Decreasing chance that teeth with have to be pulled
  • Decreasing chances of jaw surgery
  • Decreasing potential amount of time for braces treatment
  • Increasing potential for success with braces
  • Improving long-term confidence through better teeth

Phase II Orthodontic Treatment

Phase II orthodontic treatment is focused on the permanent position of all teeth to ensure they look their best and work properly for years to come. As important as phase I orthodontic treatment is, it does not necessarily negate the need for phase II treatment. Each child is different, and children who’ve been through phase I may still need phase II treatment depending on their individual jaw and teeth development. Alternately, teenagers who did not receive phase I treatment when they were younger may be prescribed phase II treatment right off the bat in order to correct problems from when their mouths were still developing.

Phase II Orthodontic Treatment May Include:

Although your children or teenagers may end up needing any of these phase II options, phase I is still important, as it reduces the severity of these treatments and often lessens the need for cumbersome add-ons like headgear and rubber bands.

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Whether your kids need phase I orthodontics, phase II orthodontics, or both, Adventure Dental and Orthodontics is here to make sure the process is as smooth and painless as possible. Our Harvard-educated and trained orthodontist caters to a wide variety of patients, with a wide variety of teeth and jaw-related issues. At Adventure Dental and Orthodontics, we believe our client reviews speak for themselves. Parents in Santa Clarita and Palmdale know, Adventure Dental and Orthodontics has you covered for all your pediatric dentistry and orthodontic needs.