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At Adventure Dental, our first priority is always the comfort of the children in our care. This begins with a highly trained staff dedicated to the treatment of the pediatric population. Our team will take the time to ensure that everything we do is explained to your child in a way that makes them comfortable and confident.

For children who are a little more nervous, we do provide NO2 (laughing gas) during treatment. NO2 is an incredibly safe treatment. Unlike medications given orally, it is impossible to overdose on NO2, and it wears off within minutes of the gas being turned off. NO2 is a great way to help cooperative patients who are a little anxious about treatment.

When patients are very young or otherwise unable to cooperate with treatment, we offer sedation in-office by a licensed anesthesiology team. We work with the best dental anesthesiologists in Southern California to ensure that your child is always being treated safely.

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Our Team at Adventure Dental

As compassionate and skilled pediatric dentists, our goal is to help children take control of their oral health and to help them feel confident in their smile. We trained with some of the best educators in our profession and have treated some of the toughest cases while we completed our residency at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. This has armed us with the knowledge and skill required to successfully care for your child. We love working with children and we enjoy helping them feel at ease when visiting our office and receiving treatment.

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