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Braces are a shared rite of passage for many children and teenagers, and at Adventure Dental and Orthodontics, we aim to make the transition to a healthy, happy smile as fun as possible! When you need an orthodontist to fix issues with your child’s bite or tooth alignment, our experienced Santa Clarita pediatric orthodontists will be here for you and your family every step of the way, making sure that your children feel comfortable in their new gear.

We believe in making oral health fun for kids, and in quelling any of your child’s worries by providing skilled and caring service, each and every visit. Our colorful, relaxing office environment and friendly staff are sure to make trips to the orthodontist less stressful. Visit us today to see the positive difference Adventure Dental and Orthodontics can make on your child’s well-being! Read our reviews to learn why customers love us so much!

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Using Innovative Orthodontic Techniques to Get Results

Good oral health starts with proper alignment of the teeth and jaw. For many young children, baby teeth quickly give way to adult versions that crowd small mouths, causing the teeth to overlap and become crooked. From minor imperfections to more serious examples of overcrowding, crooked teeth can cause many negative side-effects. It can also affect the jawbones, leading to the need for surgery later in life if left untreated.

Some of the Santa Clarita orthodontic treatments we can provide include:

You can trust that our Santa Clarita orthodontists will give your child or teen the best chance at a carefree smile for years to come. Harvard educated and trained, our orthodontic team takes the time to explore the most advanced technologies available, learning how to implement them effectively for our clients. By providing personalized solutions that take your child’s unique needs into consideration, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the long-term results.

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