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Importance of Maintaining Personal Hygiene Practices

It can be tempting to forget about personal hygiene when our kids aren’t getting dressed and going to school every day. As we all know, COVID-19 is currently a major risk and staying inside is both critical and recommended. Although our daily routines have changed, there is no more important time than now to take good, quality care of both your oral and overall health.

Having a good base for overall hygiene is a necessity for your overall well-being. Without good hygiene, our immune system weakens, leaving us more susceptible to illnesses.

The Connection Between Oral & Overall Health

When we keep ourselves healthy, it’s easy for the rest of our body to perform better. Given the potential link between gum disease and systemic health problems, personal hygiene is an important step in maintaining overall health.

We’ve recommended the following hygiene tips for common everyday routines:

  • Washing hands – Your skin is responsible for protecting all of your inner organs. It’s also the most absorbent part of the body, so whatever touches your skin WILL absorb into the blood stream if not properly washed. Since our hands touch our eyes, nose, mouth, and food almost every day, it’s important to wash and lather them for at least 20 seconds with soap before and after eating, sleeping, using the bathroom, touching garbage, or blowing your nose.
  • Washing body –When washing your body, make sure to rinse off all the soap, leaving no residue behind. Bacteria can get trapped in tough-to-reach areas so scrub thoroughly and completely.
  • Washing face – One of the CDC recommendations through this crisis has been to avoid touching the face. Washing your face at least once a day can clear away any unwanted bacteria that might have been sitting around the mouth, nostrils, or eyes. Use warm water, lather for 90 seconds, and rinse. Again, make sure you clear all the soap off to avoid any unwanted skin aggravation.
  • Brushing teeth – Regularly brushing and flossing twice a day is a NECESSITY. Not only does it encourage oral health by preventing plaque build-up and gum disease, it also cleans out all possible bacteria, leaving you less likely to become ill.

Keeping You & Your Family Safe & Healthy

During these unprecedented times, our sincere hope is for you and your family to stay happy and healthy by practicing correct hygiene habits. Remember, bacteria from the mouth can cause infection in other parts of the body, so staying clean and maintaining good hygiene will only benefit you.

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