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How Gummy Vitamins and Snacks Can Impact Your Teeth

Gummies are a very popular snack for children, and have moved beyond their purpose just as sugary candy with the introduction of gummy vitamins on the market. Most gummy vitamin brands advertise their products as a way for parents to provide nutritional supplements to their children in the form of a fun treat. While gummy vitamins may offer some beneficial value beyond satisfying your child’s sweet tooth, they still contain sugar much like their confectionary counterparts, and can damage teeth in the same way any candy can.

The sugar content in gummy vitamins is not as high as that of gummy candies, but is still enough to cause cavities, especially when combined with the vitamins’ sticky texture. Pieces of the gummy vitamins can easily get stuck in your child’s teeth, and begin to cause erosion as the sugar stays for an extended period of time.

What Can I Do to Prevent Damage to My Children’s Teeth?

Despite the nutritional health benefits of gummy vitamins, you may decide gummies are not the best option for your children because of the negative effects on their dental health. The short-term advantages of easily introducing vitamins into your child’s diet may not be worth the possibility of an eventual cavity.

So, what can you do to avoid that possibility? The obvious answer is to cut out gummy vitamins from your routine, but as a parent, you know it’s not that simple. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives on the market, and the growing popularity of gummy vitamins has given rise to a number of kid-friendly options for nutritional supplements. Even if your child will not swallow pills, there are other chewable, yet non-gummy, options.

If you want to keep gummy vitamins in your child’s life but reduce some of the dental risks, there are some things you can do. One precaution to take is the close monitoring of your kid’s dental health routine, and crafting that routine around the use of gummy vitamins. For example, taking the vitamin before tooth brushing will get rid of the sticky gummy pieces and clean the sugar from your child’s teeth. Continuing the use of gummy vitamins could also be a good way to introduce flossing into your kid’s everyday habits.

Regardless of the presence of gummy vitamins in your child’s life, the best way to keep them healthy is with a well-rounded diet and a complete dental routine. The vitamins and minerals in gummies are a helpful supplement, but are no substitute for healthy eating.

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