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Gentle & Caring Pediatric Dentists

If you are in need of skilled and friendly dentists for your child, contact Adventure Dental and Orthodontics today! Backed by years of experience, our team of dental professionals has effectively treated countless patients. Whether your child is an average kid with average cavities, a special needs child requiring specialized focus, or an athlete with dental trauma, we can treat them quickly and efficiently.

We know that visiting the dentist’s office can be an intimidating experience for a child, which is why we do everything we can to make their visit as fun, comfortable, and efficient as possible. Our entire staff loves working with children and we are widely considered to be experts in behavior management. Regardless of what your child’s dental needs may be, you can rely on our pediatric dentists in Santa Clarita and Palmdale to fulfill them!

We have great news for both our new patients and existing patients. Adventure Dental and Orthodontics is now accepting CareCredit! Please apply using the below link, a contactless, all-in-one solution for applications and payments:

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What Sets Us Apart?

The primary factor that distinguishes Adventure Dental and Orthodontics is education. Many dentists who treat children are not trained as specialists, and many specialists are not board certified. Dr. Monti and Dr. Pepper both earned their undergraduate degrees from UCLA, and they both attended the UCLA School of Dentistry. After dental school, they both completed their residency through the Harvard School of Dental Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Finally, they took their training one step further and became Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. As such, our dentists are highly skilled and can effectively treat all your child’s dental problems.


Our pediatric dentists in Santa Clarita & Palmdale can effectively handle your child’s:

We are committed to improving not just the health of our patients, but the experience of our patients as well. Transforming a child’s perception of the dentist from one of fear or anxiety to one of joy and excitement is the best thing about being a pediatric dentist. When we see our patients at a restaurant, the grocery store, or the ball field, and they are happy to see us, we know that we have made a difference for a child.

Call (661) 251-0200 (Santa Clarita) or (661) 206-1151 (Palmdale) for an Appointment with our Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist!


We see more children in a day than a general dentist will see in a week or even a month. Our dental team is familiar with the wide range of child behavior and we are able to tailor every visit to each child’s individual needs to best serve them. This allows us to make each visit fun and relaxed. Contact our pediatric dentists and orthodontist in Santa Clarita and Palmdale and find out how we can help your child today!