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3 Tips for Your Kids to Maintain a Healthy Smile During the Summer

Now that summer is finally here, your kids can bask in some of their newfound freedom. However, it is important to not let their vacation from school to also become a vacation from their typical dental routine. Oftentimes, during the summer, families tend to abandon some of their healthier habits, which can result in some unfortunate consequences. Help your kids stay on track this summer, so they can keep their smile healthy even during the summer break.

Even if you plan to let your children stay up late to watch a movie or play games, try to enforce a consistent routine when it comes to brushing their teeth. You can even turn it into an activity you share with each other by brushing your own teeth with them. If you know your family is going to be out during the time when you usually brush your teeth, have your children brush before going out, or bring their toothbrushes along, depending on how late you plan on staying out. Whatever fun activities you have in store for your children this summer, never forget the importance of brushing twice a day.

Here are some other helpful tips that will keep your kids’ teeth healthy over the summer break:

  1. Do not allow sugary snacks or drinks: Hopefully, you are eliminating or monitoring how many sugary snacks or drinks your children consume throughout the rest of the year. Summertime might make it seem like it is okay to indulge, but you need to keep to these rules and avoid letting your children consume snacks and drinks that are unhealthy for their teeth and overall wellbeing.
  1. Schedule a back-to-school dental visit early: In some schools, back-to-school dental visits are required for some grades. To avoid a big rush, make sure you schedule your appointment a little early to ensure your children do not end up having to miss any classes.
  1. Avoid deviations from your usual healthy habits: Ultimately, you need to remember that summertime is only a break from school and not a break from health. All the usual healthy habits you enforce need to remain in effect even throughout the summer. Now is not the time to falter on healthy routines when you have all done so well throughout the rest of the year!

Your dentist can also help teach your kids good dental hygiene habits, so do not forget to ask for additional tips!

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Oral health is important at any age, but particularly for children who are still learning to develop healthy habits that well last them throughout their youth and into adulthood. At Adventure Dental and Orthodontics, our priority is to educate our young patients about good dental hygiene and are experts in working with young patients. This summer, do not forget to help your children maintain healthy smiles by scheduling an appointment with us. Our team is committed to providing friendly and compassionate service as well as personalized treatment.

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